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updated Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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These policies affect YOU - Please read carefully

Effective January 1, 2020

The information contained in this document is also available as a .pdf file for downloading. We highly recommend you view and print that version for the best formatting for ALL makes and models of computer and printer. If you have problems downloading or printing the document, please email us and we will try to rectify the problem or send you a paper copy via regular mail.

Booking Conditions

Carefully read the following booking conditions.

  1. Registration is dependent on proper completion of waiver, application and medical information forms. There are no exceptions.
  2. Rescue Dynamics reserves the right to change or cancel any itinerary or service at any time due to weather, conditions or other reasons without penalty to Rescue Dynamics.
  3. Rescue Dynamics reserves the right to deny participation to anyone who is unfit, ill prepared or in any way a detriment to group safety. The participation of any person on any program is continually subject to the discretion of the instructor(s) and/or guides(s) and Rescue Dynamics.
  4. Rescue Dynamics accepts no responsibility for the actions of persons and/or companies supplying goods and/or services as part of these courses or packages or for any extra costs that may arise from the complication or prolongation of any course or program for any reason.
  5. Any medical or health related problems or conditions that may affect your participation in any course or program must be cleared by your physician.
  6. In the event of an emergency, participants may be liable for any medical, rescue or evacuation costs incurred either on their behalf or as a result of their actions. (This is dependent on location.)
  7. Your booking is not confirmed until your payment is received.

Booking Procedure

Always contact our office to confirm final course status before sending in course application forms. Upon booking, we require the appropriate payment or deposit plus the following information from you:

  1. The course and dates you wish to book.
  2. Your name, mailing address, telephone numbers, fax and email.
  3. Emergency contact information.
  4. Your age if under 19 and a general idea of your age if over 19 - We only accept persons under the age of 16 on our activities if accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also taking the course. For advanced first aid courses, the minimum age is 18. Some exceptions may be made to age restrictions under special circumstances.
  5. Prerequisites if required - please list recent relevant experience and courses completed. For first aid and rescue courses, include photocopies of most recent first aid, CPR and/or rescue course certification as appropriate.
  6. Any history of current or past medical problems or any special problems you may have which could affect your climbing ability: List any medications which you are currently taking. Also list any foods or medications to which you are sensitive, or allergic. In the case of a program which has meals included, please not any special dietary restrictions
  7. Checklist of any gear you need along with your waist size if you require a harness.
  8. Properly signed and dated waiver. We require all participants to sign a second waiver in person at the start of each activity.

Late Bookings!

If you are about to send your money and application in for a course at the last minute, be sure you do two things:

1. Visit the course dates page on the website to see if a course is listed as full.
2. Call the office to confirm a spot is available.

These steps could save a great deal of frustration if you register less than 2 weeks before a course.


Course prices are listed in Canadian dollars and include GST (goods & services tax). They do not include meals, accommodation or transportation unless noted. All prices are subject to change without notice. We accept Canadian and US personal cheques and money orders, eTransfers (preferred), Mastercard or VISA. Do NOT send cash in the mail.

For short courses, of less than 5 days duration, full payment must accompany booking. For longer programs a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $100.00 is required. Balance of payment is due 8 weeks before program start. Full payment must accompany bookings made less than 8 weeks before program start.

To confirm your course booking you must prepay the course fees in full in advance (or required deposit for longer programs). If you wish to have a printed receipt, please specifically request one.

Mail your completed personal information form along with your waiver (You will be required to sign a duplicate waiver in the presence of a staff memberr on the morning of the course) and payment to: Rescue Dynamics 5109 - 17A Avenue Edmonton, AB, T6L 1K5 Canada

Club Rates

On some courses there is a differential fee structure in place for local ACC members versus non-members. Members rates only apply if you book and make payment directly through Rescue Dynamics, not through any other agency or booking agent. To be eligible for members rates, you must pay in full and all the required forms must accompany your payment at least 30 days in advance. You must declare your club membership when making payment. A membership number or photocopy of your membership card is required and must accompany your application. Call to check on your eligibility. Late payments do not qualify.

Payment by Credit Card (MasterCard or VISA)

We accept Mastercard(r) or VISA(r). We prefer eTransfer payments. If paying by VISA(r) or MasterCard(r) or eTransfer, you must complete the credit card payment form which can be downloaded in printable form. Much like hotel reservations, we may require to see your card and verify your signature when you arrive to begin your course or activity. Be sure you don't forget to bring your card. US dollar exchange rates vary and are as calculated by your credit card company (usually on the day of the final transaction when the final credit card slip is signed).

Rescue Services and Medical Insurance

Rescue services are free within Canadian National Parks provided that you have a valid Park Vehicle Pass or Personal Pass. It is mandatory to possess one of these passes to attend our courses, as we are traveling in National Park areas. Be sure to purchase one when you first enter the Park if you do not already have one. Medical insurance is available from various insurers and travel agencies. We strongly recommend you obtain this coverage as you are responsible for all medical expenses.

Cancellation and Refunds

We reserve the right to cancel a course due to low enrollment or severe weather. Should Rescue Dynamics cancel a program, your payment will be refunded. (NOTE: Rescue Dynamics reserves the right to change or cancel any itinerary or service at any time due to weather, conditions or other reasons without penalty to Rescue Dynamics.)

Should you cancel your booking for any reason the following penalties apply:

  1. If cancellation occurs 12 weeks or more before program start, your payment will be refunded, less any textbook or materials fees.
  2. If cancellation occurs between 12 and 8 weeks before program start, $107 will be withheld.
  3. If cancellation occurs between 8 and 4 weeks before program start, the lesser of $214 or the full course fee will be withheld.
  4. Cancellation less than 4 weeks before program start (or once the course or program begins) results in loss of entire amount paid.

Cancellations must be received in writing ( letter or email). Cancellations are only effective once your notification is received by Rescue Dynamics.

Course Materials

Course itineraries will be handed out or outlined verbally on the first day of each course where appropriate. If you wish to have an itinerary for any specific course, they can be downloaded directly from our website. Climbing course participants will receive a booklet of selected climbing knots. First aid and rescue course participants should book as early in advance as possible so that textbooks and other pre-course study materials will reach you with adequate time to prepare for the course.


Participants are responsible for their own transportation, food and accommodation. In the Jasper / Hinton area, many people stay at the Folding Mountain Campground during the summer, east of the Jasper Park Gates. This is the closest campground to many of our summer rock climbing sites. Reservations are accepted here, unlike Park campgrounds. (2002 rates: $16 plus tax for 2 people. Cabins available. Reservations: 780 - 866 - 3737.) In Jasper you have a choice of Hostels with Jasper International being the most modern. (Hostel reservations: 780 - 852 - 3215). There are also many hotels.

For courses near Canmore, the best inexpensive facility is the Alpine Club Clubhouse (reservations 403 - 678 - 3200). Canmore also has a large selection of hotels and motels of which the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge has reasonable rates (1-800-665-6111 / 678-5445).

In Banff, the Banff International Hostel is available, not far from Tunnel Mountain Campground and many hotels. In Lake Louise, the Canadian Alpine Centre has hostel style accommodation plus restaurant. There are also campgrounds and hotels in the area.

For courses in the David Thompson / Nordegg area we stay at the Shunda Creek Hostel (reserve 403 - 721-2140). If the hostel is not available, try the Nordegg Resort Lodge. Contact Rescue Dynamics if you are unsure where to reserve. Course letters for each course often give valuable suggestions for where to stay.

Medical & Safety

Participants must be in good physical condition and have proper clothing for participating in outdoor activities in foul weather. Instructors reserve the right to deny participation to anyone who is unfit, ill prepared or in any way a detriment to group safety. Participants must complete a medical form and waiver before all courses. There are no exceptions. Medical problems which may affect your ability to undertake a course must be cleared by a physician.

Many of our intermediate or advanced courses have prerequisites. Please be honest about your abilities in completing your application form. If you overstate your knowledge and abilities you may end up on an activity that you are not prepared for and even worse you may endanger yourself or others.

In winter, some of our courses are not recommended for beginner or novice skiers. If you do not have reasonable experience skiing off track in ungroomed variable snow conditions with a large pack on your back, we strongly urge you to attend the "Introduction to Backcountry Touring and Ski Techniques" course. This course is offered several times each winter, often immediately preceding each avalanche course.


ALL technical climbing gear is normally provided. Be sure to fill out the personal information sheet in regard to what equipment you may require. Ropes, harnesses, helmets, crampons, ice axes, avalanche beacons, probes, shovels, snow study kits and technical rock, ice and rescue gear are provided as required. You will require a day pack for skiing, climbing, rescue and outdoor courses. Be sure it is a LARGE day pack that can hold lunch, spare clothes and a healthy share of the group gear. You must provide your own clothing suitable for foul weather. Use the equipment checklist to assist you in this regard.

Proper climbing boots, rock shoes, ski boots, skis, poles and skins are NOT provided but most items can be rented. Contact numbers are contained in the .pdf file of Useful Telephone Numbers. Call Rescue Dynamics before renting anything! Many people rent items they DO NOT NEED.

For summer snow or ice climbing courses, we require you bring (rent?) a pair of plastic climbing boots, otherwise a good quality heavy duty mountaineering boot with a suitable welt for accepting step-in crampons and good insulated gaiters are a must. Soft soled hiking boots are unacceptable on ice.

For winter waterfall ice climbing courses, it is mandatory that you bring (rent?) a pair of plastic climbing boots. For winter ski related courses, we DO NOT provide skis, skins, boots, poles or clothing. We encourage you to bring the very best equipment possible. Poor and outdated equipment will make your life more difficult, less fun and reduce your learning. You will require either good quality telemark or alpine touring (randonee) equipment including warm boots and clothing. Lightweight cross country track skis or skating skis are totally inadequate. We recommend skis with a minimum 90 to 100mm width at the tip. The wider the better for more flotation in difficult backcountry conditions. Renting is often a good idea if your gear is inappropriate or out of date. If you want to joins us on a snowboard that is completely fine. Please contact us in advance so we can make allowances in our route planning. We stipulate in some limited cases that boarders must own, borrow or rent a split - board for ease of travel in a mixed group. On other courses, it is OK for boarders to do ascents on snowshoes and descents on their board. If you are not sure about gear, give us a call.


If you have any further questions or wish to arrange a custom course, call Rescue Dynamics.
(780) 461 - 5040

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