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Information Last Updated: Monday, August 23, 2021

This letter will serve to introduce you to the Outdoor and Wilderness Life Support or "OWLS" 40 hour Advanced Wilderness First Aid courses for 2021.

We have a 40 hour OWLS course scheduled November 22 - 26, 2021. (Monday to Friday). If you are intereswted in scheduling a private course for your group please contact us.

Cost of the OWLS course is $451.50 per person including GST, textbook, handouts and a new SAM(r) splint. Private courses require a minimum of 8 persons to obtain this rate. Smaller groups will cost correspondingly more per person.

NOTE regarding meeting location and times: All courses begin at 08:00 AM. Canmore courses typically begin at 08:00 AM at the Bill Warren Training Centre (next to the Canmore Nordic Cantre.).

(Notice to Parks Canada personnel: Portage College has suspended delivery of the Parks Emergency Responder (PER) course. If you are a warden or resource management specialist and need a first aid refresher similar to PER please note that Rescue Dynamics has been delivering several OWLS and WEC courses to Parks personnel in Western and Northern Canada. If you no longer need a course at the same level as PER but need a 40 hour course instead then this is the course for you!)

To confirm a spot on an OWLS course, you must prepay the course fee in full and complete the application form. Please note, course fees include textbook price on the full course only and not the refresher. Cheques should be made payable to Rescue Dynamics. We also accept MasterCard(r) and Visa(r). If you wish to pay by credit card and/or fax in your application, you must download the OWLS full course application forms or the WEC Refresher Course Application Forms AND the booking and cancellation policy and credit card form which contain all of the forms you need to complete your application.

If you have not paid, your spot is NOT booked. The balance of payment is due eight weeks prior to the course beginning. (If less than four weeks before a course, phone to ensure availability.) To avoid being disappointed, book immediately upon receiving this letter. If enrollment is inadequate, we reserve the right to cancel a course and refund your course fees in full. See our website for complete cancellation policies and procedures.

There are no prerequisites for the full course. If applying for a refresher you need to have completed a qualifying course with the last three years. Equivalencies must be approved by Rescue Dynamics before the course begins.

NEW / IMPORTANT: There is a new pre-course homework assignment that must be handed in before your final exams are written. You must print the worksheet and complete it before the course begins. It requires Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher to print. If you get an error message the most common reason is that you are using an old copy of Acrobat. If you have problems printing the worksheets we can mail you a printed copy. You can only get to this document directly at this URL. There is a NEW revised version of the worksheet for 2011 and subsequent courses. The worksheets is a PDF file and will download when you click the links.

The course content is outlined on the course schedule which can be downloaded from our website. If you have never been on an OWLS course, you have never done anything like this before. The course is extremely intense. You average 8 FULL hours a day in theory and practical sessions. This is longer than most people are used to. It is best no to schedule any other courses, activities or social engagements during the entire period of the course. Experience shows that students need all their time to commit to the course to study and succeed without physical and psychological strain

If you miss a class, we consider you to be an adult student and you are responsible to pick up information you missed. Experience also shows that missing an hour or two may not be fatal but missing most of a day of class almost universally results in failure. Missing more than one day of class automatically results in failure.

We will provide all of the instructional and first aid equipment. Your handouts, SAM(r) splint and your student skill sheets are included in your fees. Every two students on course have a complete kit of equipment to share for all of the skill sheets and practice sessions.

On full courses we do outdoor simulations, so please be sure your clothing can handle changes in weather, including heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, sun and insects. Bring a set of clothing that can get wet and dirty. Please bring some outdoor equipment for improvisation sessions and for adding reality to simulations. Your instructors will tell you on which days they will be required. Packs, paddles, skis, poles, sleeping pads, throw bags, ice axes and any other gear you may use is great. The more variety, the better.

You are responsible for your own meals, accommodation and transportation for the entire course. Bring your own pencil, pen and notebook / paper for taking notes in class. The meeting time and place for your specific course will be conveyed to you when you pay your course fees. Questions? Call or send email to


Cyril Shokoples IFMGA
Chief Instructor / Mountain Guide

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