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Photo Essays is a public service of Rescue Dynamics. In 2004 we changed the nature and purpose of the Photo Essays feature on our site. Instead of general interest essays we are now focusing on essays regarding routes, climbs and activities related to Rescue Dynamics Courses or offerings.WARNING: All of the photo essays are image intensive and may take a significant amount of time to load if you have a slow dial-up connection.

Current Features:

Mt. Athabasca - North Glacier Route - 2003 - A popular route near the Columbia Icefields. 700k of images.

Mt. Athabasca - AA Col Route - 2003 - A popular route near the Columbia Icefields. 1.3meg of images.

A2 - Boundary Glacier Route - 2003 - An alpine 10,000' / 3000m peak near the Columbia Icefields. 1.5meg of images.

Boundary Peak - North Glacier Route - 2002 - A straightforward scenic glacier route near the Columbia Icefields. 500k of images.

Archduke Trio 1997 -just north of the Bugaboos is the Vowell Group. Within this group of granite peaks is the little known, but truly spectacular "Archduke Trio". A razor carved of stone and turned on edge is likely an apt description. 400k of images.

Mt. Athabasca North Face - Hourglass Route - 1996 - A classic north face route near the Columbia Icefields. 600k of images. Photos of Cyril Shokoples courtesy of Lee Tibbert. All other photos in this essay by Cyril Shokoples.

A thumbnail version of the Mt. Athabasca North Face photo essay with small photos which are much faster to load is also now available for viewing.

If you see yourself in one of the essays and want a real print of a photo or you would like to purchase the CD ROM of all of the photos from that adventure just drop us a note. Contact us at:

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