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Alpine Club of Canada Manitoba Section

Leadership Seminar

This year Rescue Dynamics has contracted with the Manitoba Section to provide our innovative Mountain Leadership Seminar for summer 2005. The seminar is facilitated by Cyril Shokoples, an internationally certified mountain guide and Past President of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.

In conjunction with this seminar a slide presentation will be open to all ACC members and the general public on Friday evening, June 10, 2005.

Participants are asked to apply directly through the ACC Manitoba Section President (Simon Statkewich). Payment for non-members is made directly to the Manitoba Section for this seminar only.

General information:

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Mountain Leadership Seminar
Dates: June 11, 12, 2005 (Saturday Sunday)
Location: St. John's College, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB
Time: 08:00
Price: Free to Manitoba Section Members

This is a two day seminar designed to assist the trip leader or aspiring leader to further develop the skills necessary to safely plan, coordinate and lead group outings in the mountains within a club setting. The program consists of classroom learning sessions and workshop style group discussions. Major content areas will include roles and responsibilities of leaders, trip preplanning, decision making, group dynamics, conflict management, management of risks & safety, basic legal issues, and a variety of other leadership related topics.

Seminar Goal

To enhance leadership skills of outdoor and mountain leaders and trip participants

Note to club seminar participants: When this seminar is delivered to club groups (such as the ACC) it is very specifically club oriented and may or may not apply to other settings. Discussions will generally be limited to club oriented situations for those sessions.This is a very intensive seminar conducted over two long days. Participants must be willing to contribute to all sessions where required.

Seminar Format

This seminar is presented using mixed media including extensive PowerPoint presentations, overhead and flip-chart presentations and small group workshop discussions. A workbook of the various PowerPoint presentations will be given to each participant.

Seminar Objectives

Upon completion of this seminar, the participant will be able to:
A. Discuss ACC leadership training locally and nationally.
B. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of ACC trip leaders.
C. Describe attributes of a good trip leader in the context of the ACC.
D. Discuss waivers, information forms and legal liability.
E. Discuss group development stages.
F. Discuss leadership styles and how they affect ACC trips.
G. Discuss conflict management.
H. Discuss how interpersonal factors impact on safety.
I. Discuss how “personality types” affect group interactions.
J. Discuss decision making on trips.
K. Discuss risk taking on ACC trips.
L. Discuss risk management and safety management systems or models.
M. Review trip planning for ACC trips.
N. Have fun while learning new things about ourselves and the ACC.

Seminar Outline

1. Introduction & Orientation
2. Basic Legal Issues in Outdoor Recreation
3. Roles & Responsibilities of Leaders
4. Group Development & Group Dynamics
5. Decision Making in Climbing
6. Safety Management
7. Trip Planning Part One – Pre-Trip
8. The Proof Testing Checklist & Route Cards
9. Trip Planning Part Two – The Trip
10. Conflict Management
11. Trip Planning Part Three – Post-Trip
12. Wrap-up

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