Mt. Athabasca North Face Hourglass Route - August 15, 1996

[solarized North Face photo]

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[N Face Photo] Mt. Athabasca North Face [Pitch 2 Photo] Belay Station on Pitch 2
[Leading Pitch 5 Photo] Leading Pitch 5 [Pitch 5 Photo] Lee Seconding Pitch 5
[Pitch 6 Photo] Pitch 6 [Pitch 7 Photo] Pitch 7
[Crux Pitch Photo] The Crux [Pitch 7 Photo] Lee on Pitch 7
[Lee Past Crux Photo] Lee past the Crux on Pitch 7 [Cyril on Summit Photo] Cyril Shokoples, as always, checking his watch on the Summit
[Lee on Summit Photo] Lee Tibbert at 11,452 feet - a long way from Boston [Top of N Face Photo] The top of the North Face just before it disappears from view on the descent

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